• Visual prizm look products
  • Featuring vibrant multi-chromatic surface coatings
  • Visual style bulbs conceal vibrantly colored flash, corner, parking & rear-tail lights with a multi-prizm surface look when used with clear light housing.
  • G-01 to G-08 are single filament,BA15s, 1156 size
  • G-30 to G-35 are dual filament, , BAY15d, 1157 size
  • size of G-05 is S25 BAU15s, single filament
  • size of G-50 is G18 BA15s, single filament
  • Package size: 120mm(h) x 74mm(w)
  • Package: Plastic Individual 1 Unit except ** for 2 in a box
  • Due to color printing, the actual colors may be slightly different.